Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security

Break Down Your Security Silos and Build up your Defenses with Trend Vision One

Optimized prevention, detection, and response for endpoints, servers,
and cloud workloads

The top endpoint security product, Trend Vision OneTM – Endpoint Security, integrates advanced threat prevention, EDR/XDR, and threat intelligence. It is designed specifically for endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads. With the help of this solution, you may simplify IT/security operations, get the best security results in on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. You can connect endpoint and workload security with other security products, threat intelligence, SIEM, orchestration, build pipeline, attack surface management, and more as a part of Trend Vision OneTM, a cutting-edge, cloud-native cybersecurity platform with the widest range of native solutions. In order to halt threats more quickly and manage your cyber risks, Trend Vision One supports a variety of hybrid IT environments, helps in automating and orchestrating activities, and provides expert cybersecurity services.

Integrated EDR

Your consumers benefit from the XDR advantage with Trend Vision One’s integrated EDR capabilities.
• Get comprehensive incident views and prioritized, actionable alerts.
• Examine the root cause and execution profile of attacks on Linux and Microsoft Windows systems to determine their breadth and launch a swift defense.
• Use a variety of search strategies to actively identify dangers, such as text searches and strong queries, to confirm suspicious activity in your surroundings.
• Use Trend Micro’s automated intelligence or custom intelligence sweeps to constantly look for new IoCs.

Streamlined workflow for IT and security operations

The Trend Vision One product console is used to manage endpoint inventory, detections, mitigation actions, and policies. Trend Vision One protects user endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads using a single solution with centralized visibility, management, licensing, and role-based access control.

Endpoint Security

Get timely defense against a wide range of attacks by utilizing automatic and sophisticated security controls and the most up-to-date, sector-leading threat intelligence. You can defend your endpoints, virtual desktops, servers, and cloud workloads in real-time with a full range of layered prevention, detection, and response capabilities, including current anti-malware and ransomware protection, device control, host-based intrusion prevention, application control, machine learning/AI, and more.

Purpose-built for server and cloud Workload Security

Use Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security to make sure your security takes into account how server and cloud workloads are distributed and attacked. Advanced security tools should be used to guard against vulnerabilities, viruses, and unauthorized alterations. These tools were created especially for the server and cloud workload environment. This comprises container protection, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) for server applications. dynamic apps that are seamlessly secure in the cloud, with automatic workload discovery across cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud PlatformTM.

Key advantages
Advanced threat protection

• Modern security measures include intrusion prevention in real time, threats and unauthorized program execution are detected and blocked by the intrusion prevention system (IPS), integrity monitoring, machine learning, and application control.
• Protect systems from current and potential attacks before vendor updates are issued by using patches sent through an IPS to guard against known and recently found vulnerabilities.
• Alert users and start proactive prevention when suspicious or harmful behaviour is found.
• Utilize online reputation threat intelligence from Trend’s global domain-reputation database to monitor website credibility and shield visitors from compromised websites.
• Recognize and shut off targeted C&C communications for botnets.

Modern, cloud native security for the hybrid cloud

• Workloads are susceptible by default the moment they are created. In order to offer protections from the moment they are generated, Trend has built-in workload discovery capabilities and integrates with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, and Microsoft Active Directory.
• Achieve consistent security across physical, virtualized, cloud, container, and user endpoint environments with a single management console, eliminating the expense of implementing numerous point solutions.
• Use integrity monitoring and log inspection tools to keep an eye out for alterations and assaults on the Docker and Kubernetes platforms.
• Use container vulnerability shielding (through IPS), real-time malware security, and east-west container traffic inspection to safeguard runtime containers.

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