Banco De Oro Acquired ServersCheck Environmental Monitoring System for their Data Center.

Makati City, Philippines– Banco De Oro (BDO) purchased ServersCheck Environmental Sensors at  AG Datacom Phils. Inc to monitor their Data Center’s temperature, humidity, water leaks and power failure. This solution will provide notification ahead of time to make sure no issues may arise inside data centers.

AG Datacom provided ServersCheck Environmental Sensors such as Temperature, Temperature/Humidity combo, water leaks and power failure. These sensors will monitor your data center in terms of environment inside the room where all the devices and data stores are crucial to the operation and of course to the company especially BDO is a financial institution that transact billions or more every second.

In addition to that, BDO will integrate the ServersCheck to their existing monitoring system, Nagios, which is 100% compatible with ServersCheck.

ServersCheck is originally and made in Belgium. AG Datacom Philippines is the exclusive distributor of ServersCheck in the Philippines.

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