Since its inception 27 years ago, AG Datacom’s main objective has been to become the leading industry provider of information technology and telecommunications solutions. As such, it has been steadily growing its skill base to not only include technical areas like product development and system integration, but also other business activities such as conventional & internet marketing and after-sales customer service, in order to fully understand and support the needs of its many partners and clients both in the Philippines and throughout Asia Pacific.

Today, AG Datacom renews its commitment of excellence to its customers and industry partners, in gratitude for the past 27 years of unswerving loyalty that is a huge part of its success: to continue to deliver well-thought out information technology and telecommunication solutions on time that exceed all customers’ expectations; to never stop learning, both from past experiences and from the dynamic, fast-changing business and technology environments in which it exists; and to always nurture its growing relationships with customers and partners, putting their needs ahead of its own by maintaining a responsive system of after-sales service that immediately addresses their operational concerns.

At AG Datacom, we see all of us as one family – and like a family, our team is 100% committed to giving the best that we can offer to any of its members who need us

That is true professionalism… that is true excellence.

Projects Abroad

AG Datacom Phils. Inc. served companies not only in the Philippines but all over the world. We are specialized in delivering technologies to different part of Asia and to the world.