Established in 2001, SunComm Technology Co., Ltd. has office and manufactures both in Taiwan and China mainland. Suncomm has been engaging in the field of Communication Networking & Wireless since 2001 such as GSM/ 3G, VoIP Gateway, IP Phone, IP PBX & Wifi devices. Customers can benefit from its wide range of products and from the variety of cutting edge products.

Suncomm has expanded its product range to include 7”, 8” Tablet PC as well as IP TV Box with Android solution.At SunComm Technology, they commit themselves to offer competitive prices and highest standard service to their valued customers. SunComm’s mission is to be a commended partnership to support customers with cost saving, quality products and effective service.


Multisuns was founded in 1985 originally acting as a telecom equipment developer and provider. The objective was to provide SMBs telephone systems. In 1990 the company changed the direction to provide voicemail equipment, which gave user’s prevailing PBXs and key systems the capability to support automatic call transfer, voicemail and audio-text. From 1990 to 1997, the company’s exclusively developed voice interactive auto attendant outsold the competitor’s product in +20 different countries.
In 2002 the company started providing PC-less multi-channel call recorder EasyLog Web+, diversifying the solution in the call logging industry. In 2004 the company started providing a self-contained memory card call recorder MicroLog with the goal of meeting the requirements from virtually every industry that has a need for call recording.


At the heart of our work is simplicity. Our products are easy to set up and have an intuitive interface thereby smoothing the learning curve for users.

Our brands – sendQuick, Alert Plus, Avera, Entera, ConeXa, Sqoope – represent our vision of making businesses more efficient and effective, using mobile messaging as the central communication channel.

Headquartered in Singapore, we operate globally through our offices in Singapore, Malaysia and USA. We also serve our growing clientele through our expanding network of distinguished channel partners.


With their crystal clear sound, Konftel’s conferencing solutions enable you to hold meetings with customers, partners and colleagues – wherever you are in the world. It has sold more than a million conference telephones and helped companies all over the world to save time and money, as well as cutting their environmental impact. Now they’re also enabling climate-smart meetings by video.

We develop and manufacture products for effective and sustainable distance meetings. Our multi-award-winning speakerphones are easy to use, showcase classic Scandinavian design and are equipped with our world-beating OmniSound® audio technology.


Good enough isn’t good enough. Not for your business, not for your first impression and not for your mission-critical relationships. Lifesize engineered the absolute best video conferencing experience possible — the definitive solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communications. Rated best-in-class for video, audio and content-sharing clarity, we help you present your business in the best light and make the best impression with every conversation.

Everything Lifesize do is designed, built and supported to make the user experience excellent and effortless from day one. After more than fifteen years of developing conference room systems, wireless meeting room presentation devices, video conferencing apps and the global cloud network that ties it all together, Lifesize don’t settle for anything less than amazing. Lifesize delivers an unmatched unified meeting experience that you can trust to work the first time, every time.


Panasonic’s mission is to contribute to the advance of world culture by working to improve society through the products we produce and sell. Panasonic’s Basic Management Objective clearly expresses the purpose of our business activities as well as the purpose of its existence.

Under the vision of “Aspire to more-To the lifestyle we all desire,” Panasonic will focus on offering locally oriented products and value that build people’s “yearning” by effectively showing consumers the kinds of benefits its products can provide, and thus establishing a deeper connection with their customers.