The Smart Shortcut to a Video Solution

Stefan Eriksson, 2019-05-08


Many people want to know the smartest way to move from audio to video conferencing. The conference phone is there in the conference room and it has a USB connection, but sourcing other components to create a full video solution is scary. What are the chances that it will be hassle to use and fail to live up to expectations? If you are already a Konftel user, we have a safe shortcut to a professional video solution.

If you are thinking about upgrading your meeting rooms to support video, it is worth knowing about the two scenarios known as Bring Your Own Device and Bring Your Own Meeting. Cloud-based web conferencing has created a culture where we use our own laptop to run the apps and collaboration services that we prefer or are recommended to use. These are our tools when we hold our own meeting and when we join colleagues to link up for a video conference.

The user then comes to the meeting with their personal laptop and needs certain facilities to be in place in the room: a USB conference cam, a device for conference audio and a simple way to connect to a screen.

Easy to set up

The most important factor in delivering for meeting participants is ease of use. That is why all our complete video packages are based around a hub that links up the speakerphone, conference cam and screen, so all the user needs to do is connect a single USB cable to their laptop. We call this Konftel OCC, One Cable Connection, with its easily recognizable orange cable.

The Konftel OCC Hub makes things simple for the user, linking up the speakerphone, conference cam and screen.


If your company already has a Konftel model with USB, all you have to do is add the conference cam and hub. The end result is just as reliable, high quality and easy to use as if you had purchased a complete video conferencing package. This smart upgrade builds on your earlier investment, and everyone will thank you for it: colleagues and staff, the IT department and, of course, the finance department.

Our two great value conference cams offer superb video quality – the Konftel Cam20 is optimized for huddle rooms, while the Konftel Cam50 is perfect for larger conference rooms. The hub is available as an accessory.

When is it time?

So when do you know that it is time to add video? A survey by Frost & Sullivan, focusing specifically on video conferences in huddle rooms, points out that users want a more engaging way of communicating. The ability to see each other and interact through body language brings added value. Collaboration flows more smoothly when we can include visual contact. Read more about the survey here.

These days there is also an employer branding aspect to offering smart video solutions for employees who want to avoid unnecessary travel. Quite apart from concerns about the climate, many young people in particular treasure their free time and family time, so they want to be efficient in their work and avoid time-consuming journeys. We have written about video conferencing as a way to boost your employer brand here.





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