Modern Data Protection For Today’s Business Environment

Why Customers Choose Mine

Focus on data and application availability, not just backup integrity.

Simplify Data Lifecycle Management

Get complete visibility and policy-based control over your data from creation to archival from a single dashboard.

Meet Your Compliance SLAs

Confidently deliver on your uptime SLAs with shortened backup windows and increased backup efficiency.

Unify Your Backup Operations

Breakdown traditional silos and eliminate the need to purchase, deploy, manage, and support disparate data protection solutions.


One platform for your data protection needs

Centralize Your Data Protection

Enjoy a single, integrated solution for data backup, restore, and long-term retention. Eliminate the cost and overhead of standalone data protection systems.

Get visibility and actionable insights across your primary and backup environments, from within Nutanix Prism, a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing the health of your production workloads, backup jobs, and underlying backup storage.

Customize & Scale with Ease

Design your turnkey data protection solution as you see fit. Choose from a range of supported backup software, hardware platforms and archival options to protect any virtualized or bare metal workload. Start small and easily scale out secondary storage as the volume of your backup data grows.

Simplify Your Archival Storage

As your data footprint grows, it is critical to optimize your storage and backup costs. Reduce TCO for long-term retention by seamlessly tiering off your cold data onto any S3-compatible object storage, including Amazon S3, Nutanix Objects, public cloud and tape.

A Turnkey Backup Solution


Modernizing your backup has never been this easy.

  • Choose a right-sized Mine solution (XS, S, M)
  • Choose the supported backup software

From there, deployment is automated. Enterprise-grade backup, ready to backup any workload.




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