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Why do organizations need a low-code application development (LCAD) platform?

Digital transformation is a challenge that every leader must face in today’s company environment. When an enterprise adopts digital leanness, it increases output and boosts bottom line results. Leaders must modernize inefficient corporate processes and collaborate with IT departments to roll out new software or enhance existing programs to accommodate these changes.

However, there are difficulties in finding and hiring people with a digital-first mindset. Qualified programmers are in scarce supply. Compared to more conventional approaches to software development, low-code platforms shine in this area. Since low-code solutions need less technical effort to develop, IT departments may devote more time and energy to solving significant business concerns rather than developing transactional apps.

How will a low-code platform help your organization?

  • App development times can be cut down with the aid of drag-and-drop builders, premade UI templates, data models, and other similar tools
  • By providing them with access to your company’s data via web portals and mobile apps, you may enhance the satisfaction of your clients and business associates
  • With AppCreator’s built-in workflow builder and custom scripting language, you can streamline operations and automate workflows.
  • By establishing and managing user access, identities, and permissions with AppCreator’s user management tools, you can protect the data of your company’s users and ensure compliance with organizational regulations.
  • The low maintenance and testing requirements, along with the simplified drag-and-drop interface, drastically cut down on the cost of ownership.
  • By consolidating, evaluating, and managing data from various sources, a dashboard may provide you with a wealth of information.

AppCreator: A Low-code solution from ManageEngine

AppCreator is a low-code customized application development platform that facilitates the rapid development and on-premises deployment of specialized solutions by IT teams. Even if you don’t know how to code, you may use AppCreator to make specialized solutions for business and IT processes in a short amount of time. AppCreator lets you create everything from a basic visitor management app to complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, boosting your IT department’s capacity for digital transformation right away.


Why is AppCreator useful for IT teams?


Improves developer productivity

AppCreator’s suite of feature-rich, low-code technologies allows IT app development teams to boost productivity while using fewer personnel. The low-code app development platform is loaded with features that help IT app development teams be more efficient. Reduce the time it takes to finish a project by orders of magnitude compared to the conventional approach to app development.

Enables citizen development

Citizen development is an alternative IT development technique that is supported by AppCreator. A citizen developer is a worker who wants to construct business apps with low-code or no-code tools but lacks extensive experience in app development. A citizen developer with a deep understanding of a specific business problem can use AppCreator to create the app on their own, freeing up IT resources for higher priority tasks.

Cuts down on technical debt and shadow IT

The IT department oversees the platform’s operations and has the power to increase the company’s tech adoption, strengthen ties between the business and IT departments, decrease technical debt, and curb the usage of shadow IT.

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