Kubernetes-based PaaS For The Multicloud Era

Why Cloud Native Enterprises Are Turning to Karbon Platform Services


Karbon Platform Services supercharges digital transformation. It unleashes developers’ full potential with cutting-edge cloud native services and enables push-button Kubernetes application lifecycle management on any cloud.



Eliminate complexity and deliver Kubernetes and cloud native application services as an easy-to-use self-service PaaS.


Complete Solution

Easily integrate Kubernetes storage, networking and observability with cutting-edge developer services to build and run the most advanced types of cloud native applications.


Built For Multicloud

Deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and applications across on-prem and public clouds, allowing you to optimize for your organization’s cloud strategy.

Capabilities & Benefits

Cutting-edge Managed Services

Karbon Platform Services drives rapid development and deployment of applications ranging from simple stateful containerized applications to complex web-scale applications by leveraging simple, open abstraction of rich services. Specifically, Karbon Platform Services include:​


  • Kubernetes applications (Containers-as-a-Service)​
  • Serverless functions (Functions-as-a-Service)​
  • Global data pipelines ​
  • Streaming data and message bus​ (Kafka-aaS, NATS-aaS)
  • AI (Tensorflow-aaS, Openvino-aaS)
  • Ingress controller and service mesh​ (nginx/traefik-aaS, Istio-aaS)
  • App monitoring and alerting (Prometheus-aaS)
  • Log Forwarding


Simple, SaaS-based Multicloud Operations

Operators benefit from simplified operations and uniform application, data, and security lifecycle management, regardless of the underlying cloud– at scale– leveraging the SaaS-based infrastructure lifecycle manager. Developers benefit from the rich platform services to write applications once and deploy in any cloud through the SaaS-based application lifecycle manager.

Extensible Hybrid PaaS

Karbon Platform Services provides cross-cloud data mobility and hybrid application management through transparent, WAN-optimized data pipelines and extensible data interfaces. This feature gives enterprises the flexibility to bring their own services and leverage the broader Kubernetes and cloud-native ecosystem.

System-wide Security

With Karbon Platform Services, IT operations teams can leverage a consistent security and API model with unified observability for data and applications across any cloud. It provides automated, system-managed security with built-in multi-tenancy and role-based access control (RBAC) for the rich services.

Nutanix Is Architected For Cloud Native Applications


Build the foundation of your cloud native enterprise with Nutanix


Karbon Platform Services is designed for distributed environments and delivers the resiliency, scalability, and security that enterprise organizations like yours depend on.


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