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The Cyber Crime “Epidemic”

Cyber crime has become BIG business for hackers & organized crime:

  • US victims alone lost $1.33 billion in 2016
  • Average cost of data breach: $3.6 million (2017)
  • $2.1 trillion – estimated global cost of data breaches by 2019 (low estimate)

Businesses, organizations, & customers are paying a BIG price…


The Problem

  • Cyber criminals are using stolen credentials and tools to attack your business.
  • Your customers’ valuable accounts are at risk.
  • One major attack tool is large scale automated bot attacks.


Scale of Bot Attacks



The Target is YOU

You need to stop the bots and protect your customers’ accounts and the reputation of your business.

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Past Versus Present Captcha Solutions Problems


Past Solution

  • Easy for bots, hard for humans

  • Hard to read

  • Not user-friendly

  • Time-consuming

  • Hard to use on touchscreen devices

  • Auto-correct

  • Small screen

  • Programs can now solve with 99.8% accuracy


Present Solution

“I’m not a robot” Problems

  • Verification often fails

  • Problems with VPN, private browser mode, etc

  • Requires access to user’s private data

Image-Check Problems

  • Question/image errors

  • Confusing images

  • Geographical & cultural differences

  • Time-consuming

  • Often requires multiple rounds of image-checks



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Introducing Capy (Security + Usability)


Capy Solutions

  • Puzzle & Avatar CAPTCHA – stop bots

  • Realtime IP Blacklist – stop attacks in real time & prevent attacks

  • Riskbase Authentication – stop bots & identity spoofing by human attackers



  • Images

  • Puzzle pieces

  • Difficulty level

  • Security level by country

  • Captions

  • Adjust difficulty level for high risk situations

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Use Your Brand

Use your brand assets for fun CAPTCHA puzzles!


Shared Database Secure. Together.

Attacker information is added to the database & helps keep ALL Capy customers safe. Let’s build a safer internet together!


Blacklisting Features

  • Shows you where attacks are coming from

  • Records attacker information and responds in real time

  • Can detect access from proxy or cloud server

  • Easy installation, just post IP address to inquiry URL


Intrusion detection

If unusual login behavior is detected, then solutions will notify you so you can take appropriate action such as MFA, security question, temporarily locking account, etc. Stop bots & fraud by humans.


3 Key Features of CAPTCHA

Security Level

More secure than text-based alternatives. More reliable and user-friendly than image-check systems.


Fun and easy. Do puzzle with a single finger on a touchscreen. People of all ages & technical skill can use and understand.

Easy Implementation

Just copy a few lines of code! Up & running within 30 minutes with zero maintenance. Not to mention low switching costs!


Key Benefits

  • World’s most USER FRIENDLY Captcha Solution

  • Customizable

  • Use your brand

  • Easy implementation


Serves Various Industries

Financial Industry

  • Credit card companies
  • Insurance companies

Consumer Point Industry

  • Questionnaire & Survey companies
  • Point spending sites

E-commerce Industry

  • Apparel
  • Online retailers
  • Household appliances

Transportation Industry

  • Railway operators

Other Industries

  • Mobile games
  • Ticket sales
  • Travel agencies
  • and many more!


Winner of Over 15 Awards

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What customers love about Capy

  • Superior customer service & support

  • Free testing & trial period (1 month)

  • Customization

  • Fewer complaints & support claims

  • System improvements & new services

  • Easy implementation & zero maintenance



For inquiries, email us at info@agdatacom.com

Source: https://www.e-formula.com/service/capy/