ConferLink CL-800

CL-800 Overview

Lately the economic-going is getting tough and financial crisis is still lasting, smart enterprises cut costs and boost productivity. An in-house audio conference bridge is no longer a luxury for enterprises; it is the equipment that can reduce enterprises’ travel expense as well as providing enterprises a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with employees, colleagues and clients – around the corner, across the country or on the far side of the globe. Most of Multisuns ConferLink’s customers experience a ROI (Revenue of Investment) of only a few months with many added benefits when switching from a service to an in-house system.

Outsourcing your conference calls to a conference call service provider is pricey, inconvenient and insecure. ConferLink provides straightforward bridge solutions for enterprises, governments and militaries. It is truly affordable, fully featured and most of all secure. It can be accessed through internal telephone system or the public telephone switching network.


  • Experience in-house conferencing cost advantage
  • Reduce travel expense
  • Assure teleconferencing be truly secure
  • Complete installation in as little as 30 minutes
  • Eases on use and administration

Key Features

  • Plug and play: Once phone line connection is done, it is ready for servicing.
  • Meet-me style conference: Participants can voluntarily join the meeting at prescheduled date and time using normal station/mobile phone.
  • Last-minute style conference: Organizer can call from the meeting room forcefully inviting target attendees to join by using normal station/mobile phone.
  • Security lock: Organizer can lock/unlock meeting room to prevent/invite additional participant for participation.
  • Password protection: Administrator, organizer and participants are given with a different password.
  • Entry and exit tones: Distinct entry and exit tones announce the arrival and departure of each attendee.
  • Audio announcement of room-full: The voice prompt “… room is full” if the organizer is attempting to call from the room to invite excessive attendee to join the meeting.
  • Multilingual meeting guidance: Voice prompts in Chinese, English or Japanese are available.
  • Audio helps: Attendees can activate audio guidance whenever needed.
  • Computer network connection: Ethernet connection supported.
  • Hosting of 7 conference rooms max
  • Supervisor, Administrator and Organizer login IDs and password
  • Graphical interface to set up CL-800 v2, meeting room, meeting plan, phonebook and more
  • Unlimited meeting plans incorporating phonebook and scheduler
  • Capable to call from meeting room for forcefully inviting participants to join
  • Meeting plan programmable in once, everyday, weekly or monthly basis
  • Meeting organizer assignable via meeting plan
  • Auto email notification for upcoming meeting event
  • Auto redial upon ring-no-answer or busy condition
  • Meeting plan status real-time on-line display
  • Meeting plan editing and deleting
  • Capability of initiating calls to invite participants to join by clicking mouse buttons
  • Login authentication by user ID and password
  • Conference room to lock/unlock





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