XPossible Connect is a high performance total solution designed to support many simultaneous internet users ranging from mid-size to large 5-stars hospitality establishments and public access networks. It can be integrated with various delivery media type such as a wired connection (CAT5 LAN cables), wireless connection (802.11b/g/n) or even using the existing telephone extension in hotel rooms (ADSL or VDSL technology).

XPossible supports you with a total platform for your hotel from internet solutions with interface to your front office system, to providing a vast range of network equipment.

Ease of Operation and Support – Equipped with a wide variety of software features and supporting various types of implementation and operation methodology. Customization can be tailor-made to suit unique requirements of each hotel. Our continual R&D provides more future enhancements.

Reliable and Secured – Non-stop internet services is critical. XPossible provides high quality, secured and reliable network equipment, robust software and full operation support. Hotel is assured that their guests will certainly have the internet service available round the clock.

Powerful System – XPossible solution comes with high performance equipment and network devices tested and proven working in many hotel sites. High performance server and embedded software help hotel provides a high internet service standard to all its guests.


With non-stop internet services being critical for hotel guests in modern times, we are continuously improving our systems with secured and reliable network equipment, robust software and full operation support to assure high quality internet service for hotels. We have introduced many improvements, new features and functions since the birth of our XPossible Connect to cater to many of our clients and with that we are now the No.1 Hospitality Internet Solution Provider in the market.

  • Integrates with XPossible Live! digital signage system to push hotel promotions, information and ads to guest notebook, smart phone and tablet.
  • Able to integrate with major IPTV solutions to offer guest self-services, internet access, information and entertainment (games) to hotel guests.


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