Why Choose Sangfor as Your HCI Solution Provider?

Sangfor has over 20 years’ experience in network security and optimization and it has been the only Asian vendor with 6 products (HCI, NGAF, WANO, IAM, AD and SSL VPN) in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The R&D investment in virtualization started since 2011 and the next year the Virtual Desktop (VDI) has seen successful commercial deployment.


Highlights of Sangfor HCI

aSAN (Storage Virtualization)

2-3 copies of data are stored and data can be written synchronously
so as to ensure data consistency. SSD as cache is utilized for higher
IOPS. With the patented I/O localization technology, aSAN can
detect where VM’s data is stored and make it a priority to run the VM
on that physical host, dramatically increase IOPS in a clustered

aSV (Hypervisor)

Using distributed resources scheduler, dynamic resources
scheduling functions can be achieved by VMP without
installing agents.

High Availability

Applications can be restored from networking, host and
storage layer in an extremely short time if the physical node
failed in the cluster

Integrated Backup and Recovery

Daily incremental backup and hourly snapshot backup with
no need of backup software or host.

Ultra-Simplified Operation

1 integrated software stack. Deploy infrastructure to support business
in minutes. “What You Draw is What You Get” topology. Very limited
manual operation is needed. Virtualized data center displays real-time
flow based on ports, uplink and downlink of virtual machine

Reduced TCO & Pay as You Grow

Minimum 70% reduction in overall CapEx & Opex than traditional data center. Up to 90% reduction in
power, cooling and space. Start with 1 commodity server and scale linearly according to your need without
limits. Shift your focus to business. IT could be a revenue generating department instead of a cost center.


High Performance

1 single server to achieve 10Gbps virtual network throughput, read
60,000+ IOPS, write 17,000+ IOPS and storage capacity 20TB. High
stability and reliability ensured by vAD business clustering, HA (High
Availability), distributed management platform, distributed virtual
networking device, multi-copies, back-up plans etc.


Best NFV Integration

More flexible and scalable network and service provisioning.
Virtualized network functions can be easily moved to various locations
in the network without having to install new equipment.3D protection
inside-out: Kernal built-in WAF to protect aSV from web threats;
distributed firewall to protect east-west trac and vNGAF to safeguard
south-north traffic.






For inquiries, email us at info@agdatacom.com

Source: https://www.sangfor.com/en/products/cloud-computing/hyper-converged-infrastructure