WatchGuard: Endpoint Security

The sophistication of today’s threats and the sheer number of newly discovered viruses are without precedence. Using WatchGuard Endpoint Security, you can fight this new reality. Including next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, and domain name system (DNS) filtering solutions, as well as a full stack of integrated modules for additional layers of protection for patching, extended visibility, and data control, are all simply manageable with this system.

WatchGuard Endpoint Security: A Critical Element of Our Unified Security Platform

Cybercriminals want to attack at the endpoint since there are so many known vulnerabilities and out-of-date software installations. Oftentimes, corporate perimeter security doesn’t extend to these devices, and employees may unintentionally help hackers gain access to business endpoints and networks. The time has come for enterprises of all sizes to adopt robust endpoint security, which should comprise endpoint protection (EPP) combined with cutting-edge endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools. WatchGuard’s Endpoint Security platform removes the guesswork from endpoint security by providing the highest level of security with the lowest possible level of complexity. Our user-focused security products and services feature cutting-edge endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) techniques in addition to a comprehensive set of security and operations tools designed to defend end users, their connected devices, and their networks against cybercriminals and other threats. Our WatchGuard EPDR, Advanced EPDR, and WatchGuard EDR products uniquely combine automated, AI-driven processes with security analyst-led investigation services to provide threat hunting services and a hundred percent classification of the applications, certifying the legitimacy and safety of all running applications, a necessity for any business adopting a zero trust security model


Protection Detection & Response

Help your IT department prevent cyberattacks like fileless malware and ransomware. Protect your network more effectively using WatchGuard’s EPP, EDR, or EPDR products.

Security Modules

Improve your company’s endpoint security with our scalable platform’s help with patch management, in-depth reporting, and more.

Endpoint Security for SOCs

When dealing with unknown, sophisticated cyber threats that circumvent security controls and lurk within businesses, practitioners need a comprehensive, cost-effective security stack to help them detect and respond to these attacks proactively.


Secure your users when they are outside of your network with this Cloud-based service that provides domain-level protection, content filtering, and integrated security awareness training.
The design of WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform provides security and IT teams with full coverage for their networks, endpoints, Wi-Fi, and user credentials. WatchGuard Cloud, which provides operational automation, centralized administration, visibility, and reporting; ThreatSync, a genuine XDR solution; and native cross-product capabilities that boost security posture are all available as part of the platform at no extra cost.  

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