Video conferencing equipment done right.

Meet our revolutionary new line of 4K conference room systems.
Lifesize Icon 300 camera facing up and to the right.

Lifesize® Icon 300™

Ultrawide field of view and brilliant 4K presentation quality perfectly tuned for the huddle room

A Lifesize Icon 500 camera facing forward.

Lifesize® Icon 500™

Flexible by design to give you 4K video and 4K content sharing in a range of meeting spaces

A Lifesize Icon 700 camera facing right.

Lifesize® Icon 700™

The premiere 4K video conferencing experience with 20x zoom and untouchable quality

Award-winning conferencing equipment for every meeting room.

A Lifesize Icon 400 camera facing to the left.

Lifesize® Icon 400™

Small conference room solution with integrated camera

Lifesize Icon 450 Video Conferencing Camera

Lifesize® Icon 450™

Small conference room system with integrated camera and smart-framing sensor

A Lifesize Icon 600 camera facing right.

Lifesize® Icon 600™

Medium conference room solution with support for dual displays

A Lifesize Icon 800 system facing the right.

Lifesize® Icon 800™

Large all-hands and auditorium solution with support for third-party integrated AV solutions

Lifesize® Phone™ HD

The smartphone for your conference room with unrivaled audio quality and a best-in-class interface

A Lifesize Share balancing on it's corner.

Lifesize Share™

Truly wireless media sharing makes passing cords from presenter to presenter a thing of the past

Lifesize Camera 10x facing to the left.

Lifesize® Camera 10x™

Pair with Icon 600|800 for 10x zoom, full pan/tilt control and clear HD video quality

2 Lifesize Digital Micpods next to each other.

Lifesize® Digital MicPod™

Expand the audio pickup range for even the largest conference room tables

Smart devices for smart collaboration.

Our line of audio and video conferencing equipment is built for plug-and-play simplicity and designed to connect you with your teams and get out of the way. By connecting our innovative, easy-to-use video conferencing hardware to our award-winning, cloud-based video conferencing app, Lifesize helps turn any space into an instant video meeting room in seconds.


Why Lifesize Video Conferencing?



By integrating our meeting room systems and cloud service, we enable every person and every conference room with amazing video conferencing.


With data centers in every major geography, our industry-leading global presence helps you connect your global teams through web conferencing.


Lifesize uses best-of-breed data centers with independent third-party security and privacy certifications to ensure the most secure and reliable foundation possible for our customers.


Lifesize fits in the workflow of your existing tools to give you the best video experience in the apps and meeting rooms you use every day.





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