Threat Visualization

Darktrace’s award-winning Threat Visualizer provides the perfect canvas for explaining and understanding security incidents in an intuitive way. The graphical user interface displays the most important issues that you should be aware of, having auto-triaged potential events of concern and alerts. Investigation is fast and efficient, with better informed decision-making allowing any issues to be remediated at record speed. The Threat Visualizer not only acts as a threat interface. It also provides your teams with total visibility of behavior in your digital infrastructure, including cloud services, SaaS, on-premise networks and email. This real-time visibility allows for on-demand investigations and proactive threat hunting, giving you confidence about the true status of your infrastructure at any one time. Deep forensic investigations are also enabled, with a wealth of information, including rich metadata and event logs, that can be queried and exposed through a range of interactive features.

Visual Storytelling

During threat investigations, the Threat Visualizer provides a visual storytelling backdrop that can be used as a canvas for explaining and understanding security incidents, alongside rich metadata and event logs for investigation. By displaying events of interest in this way, and visually explaining them before, during, and after the incident occurred, Darktrace ensures that incidents and the context surrounding them are genuinely meaningful to executives and end-users alike.    

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