Telecom Modules Repair

Key Features

Based on the TL9000 and ISO 9001 standard, E-formula provides different repaired lead-time with repair reports and standard burning test in our simulation systems to meet the Clients requests.
On matters of telecommunication, transmission, microwave, switch, power supply and other facilities, e-Formula offers expertise in detection, electronic parts, and repairs, timely and professional service.

  • Reverse Engineering: To build up essential repair capability from ground zero, and to draw corresponding circuit diagram as well as to complete the checklist of spare parts.
  • Quality Assurance: Repair SOP, management system and warranty.
  • Production Capacity: With self-developed repair management platform, E-formula can repair thousands of faulty modules per month.
  • Service Field: Telecom, transportation, finance, defense

Reverse Engineering

Without any original circuit diagram and OEM’s support, E-Formula can draw out circuit board configuration diagram, circuit diagram and BOM through experienced technician and professional equipment. Our clients thus can receive reliable repair service to reach win-win outcome.

Repair Service for Public Transport System

E-formula offers a series of repair service including inspection, repairing, testing, packing and logistic to help our clients to extend related telecom equipment’s life and provides immediate and efficient repair service, which can lower clients operation cost.

Repair for High-tech Equipment

E-formula provides broad and professional repair service to the equipment including, telecom transmission restriction equipment, RF/power modules, controlling equipment, microwave equipment, fiber transmission equipment etc.

We conquered the obstacle of mass amount repair while assuring the quality through validating the original repair management system.

E-formula has a professional team of engineers to do the repair services as well as rich experiences on the repair including every brand of telecom modules. E-formula also developed a control system to record every faulty card, creating a specific and efficient repair service to our customers. With this base, e-formula accumulated bunches of a successful repair job.

Repair DB System
Repair Flowchart
Power Modules:
– Alcatel
– Andrew
– Argus
– Ascom
– Beinning
– Benning
– Comtech
– Delta
– Eltek
– Emerson
– Lucent
– Nokia
– One Com
– Siemens
– Siemsn
– Tebevert dapibus leo.
Telecom Modules:
– Motorola
– Siemens
– Nokia
– Ericsson
– Nortel
– ALU (Alcatel / Lucent) GSM
– 2G / 3G
Internet Equipment:
– Switch
– Cisco 950
– Cisco 2960
– Cisco 3550
– Cisco 3560
– Cisco 3750
– Cisco 5510
Microwaves Modules:
– Ericsson
– Siemens
– Motorola
– Alcatel
– Nera
– Harris
– California

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