System Availability Monitoring

2-Way System Availability Monitoring To Simplify Network Management

Do you want a consolidated view of the availability of your systems and applications?
Are you spending too many resources on managing your IT network?
Are you seeking a simpler, better-integrated all-in-one monitoring system?

Today’s IT environments are more complex than ever, with many points of potential failure – often including multiple infrastructure platforms, multiple networks, and many different devices, along with external factors such as security threats.

IT administrators are often monitoring multiple infrastructure platforms, multiple networks, and many different devices. Unplanned disruptions and systems and operations downtime can have a serious impact on revenue and business reputations.

With fewer resources and multiple platforms to monitor, it is crucial to ensure continuous uptime of your mission-critical applications and infrastructure components. sendQuick Avera, a 2-way, all-in-one integrated monitoring system manages IT network from one central device. This helps simplify system availability management and enhance IT operations and processes in a company. Unlimited nodes monitoring also saves resources, provides efficient monitoring and cost-optimization, and quickly reduces downtime.

In addition, sendQuick Avera has add-on features with IT Alert and SMS broadcast. It is an ideal monitoring system that facilitate, enhance and simplify your IT operations and processes.

sendQuick Avera

  • Monitor system and applications with: √ ICMP, TCP and URL check √ Wind…
  • Filter rules for SNMP Traps, Syslog and Email (SMTP) with multi-level …

sendQuick onCloud

  • Public Cloud Integration
  • Roster Management



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