Stay Connected with Mobile Apps & Devices by Panasonic

Remember when work was only done in offices? Today, that kind of thinking is definitely old-fashioned. Communication must be provided for business trips, on the go, and at home. A wide variety of devices are also available that allow people to use them while working anywhere.

Own Brand DECT Device Line-up

  • At workplaces where employees move around, the Panasonic DECT device is the best-fit solution. Select DECT devices from lightweight models to a tough type IP65 compliant model which is dust and splash resistant.
    By using IP synchronization cell stations, you can quickly install the system, and you can widen the coverage area with a repeater device.
    A Noise Reduction function is another unique feature. It can reduce the noise and control the volume according to the surrounding noise. Panasonic DECT solutions have been installed to a lot of industries, such as healthcare, warehouse/factory, retail stores etc.

Smartphone Integration with Mobile Apps

  • There are 2 types of Panasonic brand applications that work on smartphones to integrate communication platforms with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
    You can communicate with your smartphones anywhere as a company extension line by installing Panasonic mobile applications such as UC Pro and Mobile Softphone Application.
    Panasonic Mobile Softphone app is a server-less type of mobile phone application which enables quick-starts.
    By installing UC Pro application, you can see the other party’s presence on the application, and chat, or call with a single user interface.





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