Social Network Messaging

The growth of instant messaging apps as a preferred mode of communication amongst the millennials has opened a new channel of interaction for companies. Many enterprises are developing chatbots to engage with these consumers within these messaging apps.


But with different dominant chat apps in different countries, it poses challenges to business to manage multiple messenger apps on different platforms. So, how should a business which has global operations, communicate with different audiences in different markets? Companies need a single platform to manage all these apps to reduce complexity and enhance the user experience.

We have built a unified platform for businesses to integrate with all messenger platforms using a single API. Companies can leverage sendQuick’s multi-channel messaging capability to send out messages via the relevant instant messenger app, Email and SMS (in case of network failure). This ensures a cohesive communication stream.


Some of the Key Features:

• Integrates easily with all applications including ERP, CRM, monitoring systems, security systems and other network servers

• Single API for SMS and Social Messengers

• 2-way messaging with social messengers for an interactive conversation

• Message routed to applications (API)

• Multi-messaging with SMS fall back

• Historical transactions with users

• Lower cost for messaging service (social messaging is free)


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