Slidewise: PowerPoint Add-In Logo PowerPoint Font and Media Add-In

Slidewise gives you rapid insight and precise control over fonts and media in your PowerPoint presentations.

  • Find large images, media or embedded objects in seconds
  • Embed, subset or remove included fonts
  • Find and replace fonts
  • 14-day fully-functional free trial

Game-changing features

For regular PowerPoint users this early-release is already packed with incredibly useful features, whether you are cleaning up decks or trying to figure out why a presentation doesn’t compress.

Size summary

See at a glance how big your presentation is and also the size of each and every item of media. No more guessing why your PowerPoint file is so large.

Find large media

Double-click any item in Slidewise to instantly jump to it in your presentation.

Embedded fonts

See if fonts are embedded, either fully or as a subset and easily remove them to reduce file size.

See all fonts

See a list of all fonts in your deck and jump to exactly where they are being used.

Replace all fonts

Replace multiple fonts at once saving you time having to select and replace fonts one at a time.

Replace fonts everywhere

Find and replace fonts where the built-in feature in PowerPoint cannot. You can even replace double-byte fonts with a standard single-byte font.

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