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Simplify and Enhance Your IT Network Management

Are you tired of devoting too many efforts to managing your IT networks? Do you want a streamlined and integrated monitoring system? Do you want a centralized view of all your IT network notifications and responses?

As businesses embrace computerization and boost IT security, the complexity of IT networks increases. However, vital resources should not be squandered on complex monitoring systems that waste time and energy. What you require is an optimal monitoring solution that streamlines, improves, and simplifies your IT operations and processes.

SendQuick Avera is the ultimate plug-and-play active 2-way monitoring system designed to meet your company’s IT operating needs. You will receive rapid notifications on crucial events in your data center using SendQuick Avera, allowing you to keep on top of your IT environment. Furthermore, it provides a consolidated view of all your notifications and responses, increasing the clarity and efficiency of your operations.


  • Ping, Port, or URL checks that are not dependent on the operating system.
  • RAM, HDD, and CPU compatibility across multiple platforms.
  • Address book, shift and leave management functions make administration and resource management simple.
  • Low cost due to coverage of an unlimited number of nodes (*model dependent).
  • SMS instant alerts to reduce response time.
  • Message alerting features with five levels of escalation and message acknowledgement to reduce system downtime.
  • Improved alert management through the use of suspension and dependency monitoring functions.
  • Effective remote monitoring, including the ability to use SMS to verify server status and trigger service shutdown/restart.


  • Information Technology Applications
    – When a network server or application fails,
    – When the system’s resources exceed a predetermined limit,
    – No response from Windows/Linux services
  • Applications for Security
    – When a firewall is attacked
    – An intrusion threat is received by the network.
    – Systems get infected with viruses or other dangerous software.
  • Changes in the Physical Environment
    – Power outage (uninterruptible power supply)
    – Environmental conditions signal a significant change.
    – Need to be kept up to date on events
  • Communicative Reactions
    – The Helpdesk can send out all necessary information via SMS.
    – Two-way confirmation via SMS and Web


  • Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012
  • RedHat
  • Suse LINUX


SendQuick works with existing apps to deliver messages instantly via SMS, email, and social media:


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