Redefining Computer Classroom

Various In-class Interactive Strategies to Promote Learning

Designed with features to support the education industry, enabling easy class preparation, in-class broadcasting, file sharing, screen lock and Internet blocking, group learning, after-class homework assignment, unified management and control via one-click shut down, with constant new updates to add more features
  • Class

  • File Sharing

  • Lock Screen &
    Block Internet

  • Group Learning

  • Homework

  • One-click
    Shut Down


Ensuring Quality Teaching and Learning Experience


For a 60-student classroom, electricity costing 0.5 RMB/kWh, equipment operating 6 hours per day and 200 days per academic year

Cloud Class is not only environmentally friendly, but also reduces cost.
The total energy consumption of Cloud Class 4.0 is nearly 85% less compared to traditional PC classrooms.

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