Protect Your Data and Apps From Cyber Threats

Security starts with a “Zero Trust” philosophy. Nutanix AHV with Flow delivers advanced networking, application-centric visibility and enterprise-grade microsegmentation for protection from network threats.


Why Customers Choose Flow


Application Visibility and Discovery

Policy starts with visibility and insight into the complex communications and dependencies of all your applications and services.

Application Security and Data Protection

Easily create network or application tier segmentation to protect your users, apps, and data from cyber threats.

Malware Protection

Through network micosegmentation, block the spread of malware, ransomware, and hackers inside your datacenter.

Posture and Compliance

Monitor security posture and regulatory compliance along with remediation insights and security planning from one central hub.

Native Network Microsegmentation in AHV

Nutanix Flow is built into AHV virtualization and is enabled with just a few clicks in Prism Central. Flow works at the hypervisor level which means it works with your network, no new equipment or configuration changes required.
With nothing additional to install or manage, you can add network microsegmentation to your AHV environment in minutes.


Deploy Flow For

Network Segmentation

Keep networking simple and lower costs by leveraging software-defined security policies.  Segment networks, operating environments, or workloads regulated by PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR.

Application Microsegmentation

Prevent malware spread and reduce attack surfaces by limiting applications to only needed network communications.

Threat Intelligence and Detection

Enhance security functions through Nutanix Ready partner integrations. Nutanix allows you to enhance your network security by inserting advanced security functions into the virtual network environment.

Identity-Based Security

Enhance the security of EUC and VDI environments by using the user’s identity to control network access to applications and services. Easily govern policy based on identity and directory service details.

Security Compliance, Audit, and Planning

Get visibility into security configurations and compliance goals for your Nutanix environments. Use that context and visibility to create and manage network security policy.

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