Despite the many benefits of virtualization, some workloads often remain on bare-metal servers because of licensing constraints, legacy application portability, or investments in existing infrastructure. In this context, storage silos for these non-virtualized workloads continue to exist. ABS eliminates these silos by delivering the same simplicity Nutanix offers for virtualized workloads and file storage for physical workloads. In so doing, ABS bridges the physical and virtual worlds, consolidating infrastructure into a single unified platform.

Create a single, unified platform for your workloads

Simplify Management

Simplify Management

Integrated into AOS, Volumes is simple, scalable, and enterprise-grade right out of the box.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Move beyond the cost and complexity of legacy infrastructure—and the need for specialists to maintain it.

Leverage HCI

Enjoy the benefits of HCI—intelligent data reduction, advanced DR, public cloud backup, and data tiering.

Manage Effortlessly

Provision storage with 1-click ease through Prism. Access block storage resources from both VMs and iSCSI simultaneously. Manage block, file, and objects from the same interface.

Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Footprint

Volumes delivers built-in space efficiency: storage resources automatically include deduplication, compression, erasure coding, and thin provisioning. Performance scales seamlessly with the size of the Nutanix cluster, eliminating forklift upgrades.


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