NetSupport School for Classroom Management and Training


Best practice teaching tools for the 21st century classroom

When it comes to helping educators get the most out of their technology, no other product on the market compares to NetSupport School, which boasts a number of useful tools for evaluation, monitoring, collaboration, and control.
NetSupport School meets the demands of the modern classroom by letting teachers control the flow of lessons, facilitate group projects, and keep tabs on individual computers to ensure that all students remain focused and engaged. All features, such as the Teacher, Classroom Assistant, and Technician modules, are provided without any further costs.

Complete Platform Flexibility

For situations when compatibility across platforms is essential, teachers can rest easy knowing that NetSupport’s classroom management software is available on all the most popular ones.
NetSupport launched 31 years ago as a Windows solution, but they since expanded to serve users on Mac and Linux PCs, as well as mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.


Classroom Management

  • Turn on/off all classroom PCs from the teacher’s workstation.
  • “Log off” all computers from afar.
  • At the start of class, remotely “log in” all student computers.
  • For students’ attention, their screens may go blank.
  • When teaching, have students lock their mouse and keyboard.
  • Make use of layouts to ensure that the teacher’s computer accurately reflects the arrangement of the actual classroom.
  • Create a profile for each educator and use it to provide them with the specific tools they require.
  • Motivate specific pupils’ effort or behavior with a visible incentive.
  • A button teachers can click to “request assistance” when they require technical help.
  • Reset student account passwords independently of IT.
  • Support for a variety of student-device connection options, including SIS integration (through OneRoster and Google Classroom).
  • There are three different user modes (Easy, Standard, and Advanced) that allow teachers to access features at their own comfort level with educational technology.

Printer and Device Management

  • Don’t let your students print in class.
  • The amount of pages printed should be capped.
  • Printing should be restricted unless approved by a teacher.
  • Stop people from using their own printers.
  • Show a live print indicator that shows which student is using the printer at any given time.
  • Display the current total of stalled print jobs that need to be attended to by a teacher
  • Block the use of USB drives and CD/DVD recorders to store or retrieve data.

Student Register

NetSupport School offers a powerful Student Registration feature:

  • Request standard and custom information from each student at
    the start of class.
  • Print the student register, including a total of any rewards or print jobs completed during the lesson.
  • Use customized icons for students.

Student Information Bar

NetSupport School features a Student Information Bar, neatly located at the top of each student screen. This can be set to be always visible, hidden, or to auto-hide. The information bar provides feedback to the student on the current lesson, time remaining, current websites and applications that are available, keyboard monitoring, lesson objectives, and quick access to request help. The information bar is fully configurable by the teacher.

Hand Out and Collect Files

Distribute files and folders from the tutor PC to multiple student workstations.
• Transfer files to and from a selected PC in a single action.
• Distribute files to multiple PCs in a single action.
• Hand out and automatically collect files with each student’s details appended.

Student Feedback

Teachers can choose between several visual options to gauge feedback from the students, helping to capture how they feel, their confidence in a topic and whether they need extra support.

Monitor & Control

View student screens in real time (Monitor Mode)

• Monitor the entire class in a single view.
• Scan through sets of student PCs in pre-defined multiples.
• Overlay additional information including active application or active website.
• Zoom for optimized high-definition student thumbnails.

Tutor and Assistant App

In addition to the desktop tutor application for Windows, the native free Windows Tutor app can be installation on Windows tablets and touch-enabled devices. It offers a launchpad for classroom and Office 365 apps, integration with OneDrive for sharing classroom resources and more. Meanwhile the free Tutor Assistant app (Apple iOS and Android devices only) enables them to control and monitor all student workstations while moving around the classroom (V11 desktop Tutor component required).

Real-time Keyboard Monitoring

Designed to be used in conjunction with application control, this component provides teachers with a real-time insight into student activity and topic understanding. Also provides “target” keywords for tracking student understanding and a full history of keyboard usage by student and application.

Internet metering and control

Monitor all student internet use.
• View background websites open on all PCs.
• Open and close websites on all selected PCs in a single action.
• Record a full history of internet use for the class.
• Prevent access to any or restricted websites.
• Allow access to approved websites only.

Real-time Audio Monitoring and Language Lab Tools

• Listen to and monitor student audio.
• Two-way audio chat.
• Record audio to file


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