Modern Data Center Security

Modern data centers need modern security

You need hybrid cloud security that delivers the automation and flexibility required to protect today’s modern data centers.

Purpose built for your deployments, Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Workload Security, powered by XGen™, delivers the operational efficiency required to support and secure your modern data center, including physical servers and software, virtual servers, and desktop. With automation and flexibility, you can secure your journey to private and public cloud, as well as container environments, the way you want.

  • Operational efficiency
    • Integrate the technology into the fabric of your virtualized environment, and automatic deployment of security.
  • Cost reduction
    • Event-based automation, policy assignment, and updates reduce the overall effort for staff and give you centralized visibility without the need for multiple point solutions.
  • More breadth
    • Get thebroadest platform support that extends across current and legacy operating systems (Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®), including extensive Linux builds and hundreds of Linux kernels, as well as Solaris™, AIX®, and HP-UX®.

Comprehensive security controls

Detect, protect, and respond to modern threats with all the security tools you need in a consolidated approach. From vulnerability scanning to sandbox analysis, we have you covered – without the heavy lifting and with full visibility.

Reduce your work effort through security automation

Through our advanced APIs, turn-key integrations, and event-based automation, Workload Security delivers automated deployment, monitoring (health checking), policy creation and updates, and reporting, as well as security information and event management (SIEM) for Splunk®, SumoLogic®, HP ArcSight, IBM® QRadar. What’s more, Workload Security provides DevOps automation for your image creation and security policy. Your team has the freedom to go further and do more.

Proven virtualization security

Workload Security has been optimized for the virtualized data center, helping DevOps and security teams to maximize security with minimal impact on performance. It delivers decreased risk, lower operational costs, and rapid response to threats with automatic policy management, hypervisor-based security, and central visibility and control.

Security fueled by leading threat research


Our 15 global research centers and 450 internal researchers networked across the world have visibility into the entire global threat landscape. With teams dedicated to the cloud and cloud-native applications, we use our wealth of knowledge to strengthen our products and protect against current and future threats.


We continually analyze and identify new malware, ransomware, malicious URLs, command and control (C&C) locations, and domains that could be used in attacks. Thanks to the Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative™, the largest bug bounty program in the world, we can identify and disclose new vulnerabilities across a wide range of platforms.




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