Matrix Voicemail

Introduction to Matrix voicemail

Matrix is the voice processing equipment that supports auto attendant, voice mail, audio-text and music on-hold with a small box. It fits the organizations that are favorable to traditional style of telephone communications and is the right option of choice for users who are seeking a direct replacement for a not repairable voicemail system.

Voice processing product series currently has only one model named Matrix and it is available with 4 or 8 ports. Check up the Features and Specification pages for more information about this product.

Key Features

Automated Attendant

  • Extension grouping
  • Multi-language support
  • Name or department directory
  • Fallback to live operator
  • Call forward to mailbox directly
  • Call screening and auto forward to another extension
  • Programmable day, night and holiday greetings
  • Call transfer by CPM, blind or ring release

Audio Text

  • Up to 9 languages, 3 fields and 7 layers available
  • Voice instructional tutorial
  • Information interaction with callers thru touch-tone inputs
  • Option to transfer to live person available at anytime

Music On-Hold

  • 6 on-hold music
  • Which music schedulable by date, time and weekdays

System Administration and Setting

  • Remote maintenance by touch-tone inputs
  • Call flows customizable by users
  • Language on-line setup
  • Function key and speed key
  • Voice prompts, music on-hold and others reprogrammable by users
  • Holiday schedule
  • Emergency opening line greeting
  • Integration with PBX thru in-band and out-band signaling


  • Individual voice box setting with customizable mailbox greeting
  • Message notification schedule programmable
  • Multiple message notification methods
  • Mailbox language individual setup
  • Message editing by callers
  • Individual mailbox ID and password
  • Setup remotely accessible
  • Voice message tagged with day and time stamp


Port capacity:

4 or 8

Telephone input interface:

2-wire analog line behind PBX

Mailbox number:

1,000 maximum

Voicemail language support:

3 languages in default

Voice storage:

70 hours (default, 1G CF card) or 140 hours (optional, 2G CF card)

Dial and configuration codes:

DTMF 0-9, * and #

Power input:

AC 120V/220V

Chassis dimensions:

63 mm x 243 mm x 306 mm

Operation environment conditions:

temperature 5-40°C; humidity 20-80%





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