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All-in-one endpoint platform

In IT, all paths eventually lead to the same destination. There is always a human being, either a user or a technician, behind every endpoint. With Endpoint Central, you can manage your global workforce from a single dashboard that consolidates all of your devices, applications, and data.

All Features

Automated Patching

Automate the distribution of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and third-party program patches to strengthen network security.

Threat Detection and Remediation

Find security holes and fix them all the time. Systematically checking and updating to ensure conformity with 75+ CIS standards.

Ransom Protection

Improve your ability to respond to incidents quickly and prevent further ransomware attacks by learning more about their causes.

IT Asset Management

Take control of your company’s IT assets, including Software Metering, Software License Management, Restricted Software, and more.

Unauthorized Device Restriction

Control the use of unauthorized computers and other devices within your firm, and keep a watchful eye on any data that leaves or enters the network.

Data Loss Prevention

Protect your business’s most sensitive information with real-time alerts and thorough audits, and fend off theft and insider threats.

OS Imaging and deployment

Install drivers and software for Windows machines, as well as the operating system, with a single automated process.

App Management and Distribution

Store and internal app distribution, app blacklist management, redemption code distribution, and more are all possible.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Implement role-based access control, quarantine malware, and whitelist only mission-critical programs to provide zero-trust security.

Advance Remote Troubleshooting

Get in touch with customers remotely and quickly resolve their problems.

Configuration Management

Manage endpoint configurations in accordance with policies and best practices, while establishing enterprise-wide security standards.

Browser Security

Protect your company’s data by keeping an eye on the browsers your employees are using.

Take Control of your Business Fleet

Endpoint Central is compatible with numerous platforms and operating systems



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