ManageEngine Access Manager Plus

An exclusive privileged session management solution for enterprises.

For businesses to be productive, it’s important to enable privileged access to critical systems to the right employees, regardless of their location and the time of day they require access. But providing remote privileged users with such access presents huge security and privacy challenges, and legacy solutions like VPNs are often inflexible and simply don’t cut it anymore.

What modern enterprises need is a solution that enables direct access to every component in the infrastructure spread across the public and private clouds, while ensuring granular access controls, monitoring and recording all actions, and providing real-time control over every privileged session.

ManageEngine Access Manager Plus is a web-based privileged session management software for regulating access to remote systems through secure channels from a unified console. With comprehensive auditing capabilities, it offers total visibility into all privileged access use and lets enterprises manage privileged user sessions in real time, shutting the door on privilege misuse.


Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity for privileged users
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Improved and easy administration
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance
  • Tighter overall access governance


Feature Highlights

Central control

Establish central control on access pathways, and define how users connect to endpoints. Toggle between multiple remote sessions simultaneously, and manage them end-to-end from a single, unified console.

Solid authentication system

Permit users and third parties to automatically log in via various authentication services such as AD, LDAP, and Azure AD. Leverage two-factor authentication support to further fortify security.

Effective user management

Enhance user onboarding by automatically importing user groups from AD, LDAP, and Azure AD. Create custom user roles from scratch with fine-grain access scopes.

Access control workflow

Establish a request-release mechanism that allows you to scrutinize access requests before approval. Grant users and contractors granular access to remote systems.

Help desk integration

Reinforce access approval workflows for remote connections by incorporating ticket ID validation. Authorize users and third parties only upon ticket status verification.

Data center remote access

Embrace simplified and direct connections to remote data centers, and automatically authenticate via jump box support for Windows and Linux platforms.

One-click remote sessions

Enable users to launch tunneled RDP, SSH, SQL, and VNC connections to remote hosts via encrypted gateways. Leverage session-specific settings such as frame rate, desktop backgrounds, remote audio support, etc., for an enhanced remote connection experience.

RemoteApp support

Seamlessly integrate specific Windows-based remote applications into your local desktop. Allow users and third parties to locally access applications that are actually installed in the remote server.

Bi-directional remote file transfer

Transfer files between a remote system and the local host or between two remote systems, as well as upload or download files on the remote device, using secure protocols like SCP and SFTP.


Privileged session management

Record every privileged user session and store them as video files in an AES-256 encrypted database for post session review, and to support forensic investigations.

Live monitoring and collaboration

Shadow user sessions and achieve dual control on remote access. Terminate anomalous sessions instantly, and revoke access to prevent misuse.

In-depth audit trails

Capture every facet of a user session as context-rich logs, and instantly send SNMP traps and syslog messages to your SIEM tools to support compliance audits.



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