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ManageEngine OpManager is a powerful network monitoring software that gives you detailed insight into the performance of your routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtual machines, printers, and storage devices. It is a simple and inexpensive network monitoring tool that helps you to pinpoint and eliminate the source of a problem.


Comprehensive Features


Real-time network monitoring

Real-time visibility into the health, availability, and performance of any IP-based device. With OpManager, you can monitor network services and visualize system performance.

Physical & Virtual Server monitoring

Monitor servers 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure they are operating at peak performance. Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix, Xen, and Nutanix HCI servers may all be monitored by OpManager.

Wireless network monitoring

In-depth wireless network statistics for your access points, wireless routers, switches, WiFi systems, and so on. OpManager can be used to monitor WiFi signal quality and wireless network traffic.

WAN monitoring

OpManager uses Cisco IPSLA technology to visualize and monitor the availability of WAN lines, as well as troubleshoot WAN outages and performance issues.

Cisco ACI monitoring

With OpManager, you can discover the full Cisco ACI infrastructure and obtain a comprehensive picture of your controller and monitor components such as fabric, tenants, and endpoint groups.

Storage monitoring

Monitor storage devices such as fiber channel switches, storage arrays, and tape libraries using OpManager’s capacity usage monitors, storage growth trend graphs, and other monitors.

Distributed network monitoring

The central server of OpManager offers the essential network visibility across locations, network health and performance statistics across numerous distant probes, and probe-specific controls.

Network Visualization

For your datacenters, OpManager’s Layer2 Maps, virtual topology maps, Business Views, and 3D floor and rack views provide enhanced network visualization for better network management.

Fault management

OpManager correlates raw network events, filters undesirable events, and presents the operator with meaningful alarms. Alarms are color-coded and classed according to their severity level.


Network performance monitoring, uncomplicated.

To monitor and control network activities, most IT departments employ a variety of network monitoring technologies. In the event of a problem, they must sift through many tools, GUI, graphs, and reports to determine the root cause. ManageEngine OpManager, the integrated network management software, monitors the network in real time and provides extensive insights into various network problems. It also enables you to swiftly go down to the root cause of a network problem and resolve it.


End to end network monitoring, simplified.

Get end-to-end visibility and analytics of network infrastructure including local devices, wireless networks, WAN links, non-computing devices like printers, and even access points with ManageEngine OpManager, a comprehensive network monitor. OpManager additionally includes troubleshooting features as well as planning and configuration management.

On a single snapshot page, you can see performance, bandwidth consumption, and recent device configuration changes. Determine the source of the problem and resolve it before it affects users.

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