KX-NSV300 by Panasonic

Key Features

Instant call-receiving and on-call device switching with multi-zone wireless

Remote system maintenance can be performed via a secure connection

UC Pro integration connects multiple devices such as desktops and mobile

Compatible with wired IP phones, wireless terminals and mobile softphones

Auto recording and data back-up for added security

Built for the demands of today’s flexible working environments, Panasonic’s KX-NSV300 Software Communication System merges the virtual and real worlds to take your communications to the next level.
The KX-NSV300 is a transition from business communication server hardware to a software communication system without losing the reliability and performance Panasonic is renowned for. It’s complete in its offering: full features, reliable expertise, and unparalleled user experience – but faster and more flexible than ever before.

It does all this to bring our worlds together – to merge a virtual reality with the real world, to create a workplace where everything runs smoothly. Where the power is behind the scenes, when you don’t have to worry about it running out or going down. It’s virtual made reality to deliver the best of both worlds.


More reliability. Greater mobility.

A service engineer can remotely perform maintenance on the KX-NSV300. The Panasonic remote service enables the engineer to access your system securely, from anywhere, anytime, which allows for quick system enablement with changes and updates. KX-NSV300 maintenance is both flexible and efficient, giving you peace of mind your system is always maintained.

With a multi-zone wireless system, you can receive calls wherever you are on your premises. This reduces waiting times and enables customers to speak to the right person at the right time. You can also switch easily between desk phones and portable devices during conversations. Finally, DECT paging allows conversations to be shared among multiple participants.



Rich functionality. Full compatibility.

With the KX-NSV300 Software Communication System, you can assign a single number to any device, whether it’s a deskphone (SIP or proprietary), wireless or softphone (PC-based or mobile-based).
Smart desk
Thanks to a one-number plan feature, the mobile client automatically transfers all details to a user’s preferred device at that time, so incoming calls are routed to them.
Private cloud
With your own cloud-capable infrastructure, there’s no need to rely on third-party support or services, giving you greater control, security and cost-savings.
Centralised management
Due to the capability of the IP network facilities, remote service by a single administrator is all you ever need.
My Portal
By using the ‘My Portal’ web-based user interface, every user can operate their features and customise the unified messaging settings without knowing the Software Communication System-specific programming or feature code.
Cutting-edge integration
The system also integrates with Panasonic UC Pro unified communications solution and mobile softphone technology, giving the ultimate in flexibility and functionality.

With the latest version of KX-NSV300, the system can be installed as a single virtual machine with a reduced demand on resources. In addition, the newly introduced Capacity Mode selection provides the freedom to choose an even further reduced resource requirement with a much lower demand on infrastructure investment.
Public Cloud
In addition to on-premise and private cloud installations such as data centre deployment, the KX-NSV300 can now also be hosted on the largest public cloud provider, Amazon Web Services.






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Source: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/communication-solutions/kx-nsv300