Keep Operations Running with Smart Factory Security

Security challenges for smart factories


Unpatched devices icon

Unpatched devices
Vulnerable devices can’t be patched promptly because of the need to wait for manufacturing downtime.

Weak authentication icon

Weak authentication
A threat actor can easily manipulate mission-critical assets without credentials, often because of unsecured industrial protocols.

Low visibility icon

Low visibility
Because of lack of adequate visibility, vulnerable devices can’t be patched effectively and timely.

Skill gap icon

Skill gap
Knowledge about cybersecurity in many factories is insufficient.

Productivity prioritization icon

Productivity prioritization
The principles of manufacturing productivity can override cybersecurity practices.

Trend Micro Smart Factory security solutions

Smart Factory Diagram

Our complete cybersecurity solution for smart factories leverages IT and OT security to protect industrial endpoints, networks, servers, and cloud workloads while XDR capabilities give you a single view console for precise alert detection and automatic response. Cyber risk is minimized through three steps – prevention, detention, and persistence.


  • Stop cyberattacks from the IT to the OT environment
  • Perimeter defense prevents cyberattacks designed to exploit vulnerabilities
  • Sever security prevents servers in DMZ from malware infection
  • Protection of IoT devices, like IoT gateways used in industrial services
  • Secure USB storages
  • Secure outside laptops and machines brought into the factory by third parties


  • Identify internal activities of cyberattacks in the OT environment early
  • Monitor network traffic from multiple perspectives


  • Defend industrial control devices
  • Prevent the spread of infection by network segmentation
  • Protect critical equipment at the network level
  • Prevent the execution of malware and unauthorized programs (lockdown)
  • Scan and clean up malware in devices where security software can’t be installed
  • Visualize asset information of production devices and security events

Why Trend Micro?

We help you keep operations running with minimal TCO through support at all phases – prevention, detection, and response – over a long period of time.

IT/OT/IoT integrated threat intelligence

Combined with research on finding vulnerabilities, predicting future threats and our OT expertise brought by TXOne Networks makes our solutions more effective.

Our connected solutions and XDR capability empower CISO and security operation teams with more precise alert detection and automatic response, reducing monitoring complexity and operating costs.

Single vendor, Global support

Using multiple products is not efficient – it creates complexity and requires a lot of time to evaluate products, create SOP, and establish a support scheme.

Deploy a single solution, utilize single SOP worldwide, and respond quickly and smoothly to incidents, ensuring stable operations and minimal TCO.


As a trusted company with 30+ years of experience, Trend Micro has the strong financial base and robust cybersecurity offering required to protect customers in private and public sectors.



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