Keep Criminals Outside Your Network with AuthPoint

Our unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution not only helps to reduce the likelihood of network disruptions and data breaches arising from lost or stolen credentials, but we deliver this important capability entirely from the Cloud for easy set-up and management. AuthPoint goes beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by considering innovative ways to positively identify users, and our large ecosystem of 3rd party integrations means that you can use MFA to protect access to the network, VPNs, and Cloud applications. Even non-technical users find the AuthPoint mobile app easy and convenient to use. 

Ultimately, WatchGuard AuthPoint is the right solution at the right time to make MFA a reality for the businesses who desperately need it to block attacks.

Illustration: DNA Strand

Effective MFA Protection with Mobile Device DNA

AuthPoint uses a push message, QR code, or one-time password (OTP) as an additional factor proving your identity; and our mobile device DNA matches the authorized user’s phone when granting access to systems and applications. Therefore, any attacker who clones a user’s device in an attempt to access a protected system would be blocked – since the device DNA would differ.



Laptop and mobile phone with a red play arrow on top

Easy-to-Use AuthPoint Mobile App

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint app allows users to authenticate right from their own phone! No need to carry key fobs or thumb drives; instead install and activate the AuthPoint app in seconds, and then use it to authenticate from a smartphone. It enables speedy push-based authentication as well as offline authentication using QR codes with the phone’s camera.


WatchGuard Partner Ecosystem

Strong Ecosystem

WatchGuard’s ecosystem includes dozens of 3rd party integrations with AuthPoint – allowing companies to require users to authenticate before accessing sensitive Cloud applications, VPNs and networks. AuthPoint supports the SAML standard, permitting users to log in once to access a full range of applications and services.


Illustration of a person using wi-fi in their home to connect to a WatchGuard Firebox using AuthPoint

Fast VPN and Remote Access Deployment

Any remote access or VPN application should have MFA to protect the network from unauthorized entree. And with today’s demand for VPN and remote user access it becomes even more essential. If you have WatchGuard Fireboxes, configuring a VPN with AuthPoint is remarkably simple and done in minutes. The result? Firewalls empowered with risk-based authentication.

Screenshot: AuthPoint Dashboard

Management on the WatchGuard Cloud Platform

Companies with limited IT staff and security expertise benefit from MFA protection that’s easy to deploy and manage in WatchGuard Cloud. There is no need to install software, schedule upgrades or manage patches. You can configure a single global account view or many independent accounts. Plus, the Dark Web Scan feature is available to search email addresses and company domains to see if accounts have been exposed on the dark web during known data breaches.



WatchGuard Authpoint Hardware Token for secure one time passwords

Hardware Token Authentication

AuthPoint’s time-based, one-time password (OTP) hardware token is a sealed electronic device designed to generate secure OTPs every 30 seconds that businesses can use as an alternative to the mobile token to authenticate into protected resources. Our hardware tokens are ready to use and can provide an additional source of protection for businesses when mobile device use is limited or restricted.

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