IP-232 SMDR Converter

IP-232 SMDR Converter

During the past recent years many new PBX models have been introduced in the telecommunication markets.  Majority of the new PBX models deliver SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) data only through Ethernet ports; no longer through the traditional serial ports.  In view to this market situation, Multisuns are now introducing the IP-232, a custom-designed SMDR device, enabling call recorders to authentically communicate with as many as possible PBX models regardless whether their SMDR port is IP or RS-232 based.

While SMDR communication in between is through Ethernet port, one (1) IP-232 allows up to six (6) Multisuns call recorders to work with one PBX in real-time online basis.  The IP-232 gets multiple call recorders to stay SMDR-integrative under single PBX environment.

Key Features


  • PBX IP SMDR to RS-232 SMDR
  • PBX IP SMDR data cloning and sharing function
  • One IP-232 working with up to 6 call recorders
  • Built-in Watch-Dog, enabling auto reboot in case of unexpected system shutdown
  • Monitor, configure and firmware upgrade via network connected PC browser
  • Restore IP configuration by pressing a button
  • Alive check-up for voice recorders
  • Support PBX account login and password authentication
  • Support Avaya IPO format, free selection for field and field-width
  • Multiple power supply method





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Source: http://multisuns.com.tw/ip-232_e.html