INTERFACES by Telekonnectors


This adaptor enables you to use the same headset with a desktop phone (Digital or IP) or with PC based applications like softphones and conferencing applications  etc.. | Plug and Play operation | Soft mute function with LED indication | Digital receive volume control – adjusts receive volume for comfortable listening | Selector switches to toggle between the dual modes

Interfaces - Dual Adaptors - TLK Dual Digital copy.JPG

TLK Dual Digital

Interfaces - Dual Adaptors - SP30 Dual copy.jpg

 TLK SP30 Dual Adaptor


USB adaptors are available for easy connectivity with PCs and compatible with almost all popular headsets with SmartKonnect (QD). Specifically designed for enterprise needs.

Interfaces - USB Adaptors - Galaxy Uno Adaptor.jpg

Galaxy Uno Adaptor

Interfaces - USB Adaptors -SP30 USB Adaptor copy.jpg

SP 30 USB Adaptor


Optimized design with host specific versions | Line powered I No batteries required | No moving parts | No maintenance expenses | Additional headset connection through supervisory port.

Interfaces - Telephony Adaptors - SP30 copy.jpg

TLK SP30 Adaptor

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