Huawei Thanksgiving Night 2023

🏆✨ A Thanksgiving Overflowing with Gratitude and Awards! ✨🏆

Our hearts are brimming with gratitude for the multitude of awards bestowed upon us by our incredible business partner “HUAWEI” at their Thanksgiving Night 2023. Let’s unpack the joy, one award at a time!
1) Honored and Thrilled: Partner of the Year 2023 – Commercial Industry!
We are ecstatic to share the incredible news that we have been recognized as Partner of the Year in the Commercial Industry for 2023!  This prestigious award is a testament to the outstanding collaborations, dedication, and innovative spirit that define our partnership.
2) 3rd Place in Best Team Show Performance!
We’re filled with gratitude and excitement as we announce that we’ve clinched the 3rd Place in Best Team Show Performance! Thank you for the wonderful Performance, Ms. Ruby Ann Reyes, Ms. Geremee Gali, and Ms. Mariel Abdon.
3) Top Sales Award – Ms. Ruby Ann Reyes.
4) Golden Seeds Award – Ms. Geremee Gali and Mr. Jefferson Taruc.
On this day of gratitude, we extend our deepest thanks to our partner who have played a pivotal role in our success story. Each award is a symbol of the collective efforts, shared victories, and the bonds that make our collaborations truly exceptional.