Huawei Intelligent Data Center Solution

Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey

In a fully connected intelligent world, data will become the essential factor. As the ongoing of business, the total data volume in the world will increase from 33 ZB (2018) to 180 ZB (2025). That means that data center is one of the most important infrastructure in the global digital economy.

Huawei HiDC, which rely on Huawei 30+ years of experience in the ICT field, cover the whole data center process from construction to operation and maintenance. Huawei HiDC with flexible architecture, original technology, creative medium, can achieve intelligent, efficient, and green data center for customers, helping the industry digital transformation.


Why Huawei?

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    Architecture in single data center: Combining Distributed Data Storage (DDS) and Distributed Computing to support massive and diverse data, enabling quick response to mission-critical services.Architecture in multiple data center: Three data centers at two sites, ensuring business continuity.Data center network architecture: 3 to 1 iLossless convergent network (3 networks: independence ETH, FC, IB Networks).

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    Leading Technologies

    Technologies: Learning and identifying Input/Output (I/O) streams automatically, increasing the hit ratio of cache prefetching and improving overall data center performance by 20%.Algorithms: Real-time verification by AI network simulation algorithm, achieve network configuration with zero faults.Scenarios: An all-scenario AI solution to meet the requirements of fast-changing intelligent era.

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    High Efficiency

    Storage: All-flash storage with 20,000,000 IOPS, ever fast ever solid.Network: Breakthrough from 100G to 800G, ensure smooth evolution for the next decade.Energy: Lithium batteries with high energy density, reducing physical footprints by 70% and improving lifespan by over 50% compared to lead-acid batteries.


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    Huawei Intelligent Computing products and solutions deliver intelligent transformation to Cloud-Edge-Devices for traditional data centers and industries.

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    Huawei intelligent converged storage solution helps customers cope with the rapid data growth and uncertain storage requirements for virtualization, big data, cloud, mobile networks, and social networks.

  • Data Center Network Solution

    Huawei CloudFabric data center network solution, with CloudEngine series data center switches, provides ultra-broadband, lossless, and intelligent data center network for enterprises.

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    Huawei provides indoor and outdoor data center solutions, as well as core components such as UPS, intelligent temperature control, and DCIM management system to support rapid deployment and smooth evolution.

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    Data Center Interconnect Solution

    With Huawei DC OptiX all-optical data center interconnection solution and CloudWAN Intelligent data center interconnection solution, Huawei can provide intelligent, ultra-broadband, and simplified Interconnection between data centers.

  • AI Fabric iLossless Solution

    Huawei AI Fabric solution performs excellent in multiple scenarios, especially in Distributed Storage, High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the advantage of iLossLessTM intelligent lossless switching algorithm, Huawei AI Fabric solution can resolve the issues about Ethernet packets loss and throughput bottleneck, leading data center network into the AI era.




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