HD Encoder

Model: ES-EN310HC Multichannel HD Encoder (with OSD)


  • 4 or 8 channel HDMI input
  • Video encoding: H.264
  • Audio encoding: MEPG-1 Layer II, AAC (optional) and AC3 optional
  • Support OSD (supports inserting pictures, QR codes, texts, etc. into the video in each encoding channel)
  • Subtitle rolling, picture & QR code overlay and logo & symbol adding, which can be displayed everywhere in the screen by setting their coordinate (within 1920×1080); adjustable typefaces, colour and resolution.
  • Timing display of pictures and texts; image display in slideshow mode
  • Configuration takes effect immediately without rebooting
  • Support IP I/O of MPTS and SPTS
  • Remote Web management




For inquiries, email us at info@agdatacom.com

Source: http://www.xpossible.com/encoder.php?product_id=88