Getting Your Leadership Team to Say Yes to IT Asset Management

According to a study by McKinsey, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about an acceleration in the adoption of technology at both the organisational and industry level. In Asia Pacific, the rate of digital technology adoption leapt ahead by 4 years in 2020 alone.

The rapid growth of organisational IT infrastructure calls for proper IT asset management (ITAM) to protect and control the overall infrastructure. IT can be a hefty investment, and in a time where we are more reliant on technology than ever, the right ITAM system can make all the difference in saving time, cost and resources.

However, we know that IT managers might face the challenge of convincing their leadership team to adopt an ITAM system. Cost-conscious executives, coupled with an uncertain global economic outlook, are some factors that make leaders today hesitate in approving additional spending on IT.

If you’re having troubles getting your leadership team to say yes to ITAM, we have some tips on how you can approach the subject with them!

Establishing the need

How has your business needs evolved in the past 5 years? Are there more customer interactions online now? Has the business adopted more digital applications to carry out daily operations? What is the cost to the business if the IT infrastructure is compromised?

Asking the right questions to target business critical problems with regards to IT infrastructure will help your leaders to see the need of adopting an ITAM system.

It is also helpful to narrow your focus down to specific problems that leaders can relate to. Which are the most important aspects of your IT infrastructure that needs to be properly managed? Putting emphasis on the most important aspects of your IT infrastructure will bring more clarity and purpose into why resources should be channelled towards ITAM.

Show specific outcomes from previous case studies

Leaders want to see specific outcomes from their investments. In particular, they want to know the financial gains after they’ve made an investment in any part of the business.

One of the best ways of proving the effectiveness of ITAM is to show previous case studies from your industry peers.

TalariaX has compiled together various case studies from our clients that are readily available on our website. On there, you can find the specific business improvements that companies have seen after adopting our ITAM strategies.

Our clients have seen tangible benefits of using an ITAM system, including improvements to employee productivity, increased effectiveness in sales processes, reduced risk in IT downtime and more.

If you would like to find out how TalariaX has transformed businesses in your industry, feel free contact us to understand more.

Be specific in your calculations

Once your leaders understand the needs and are convinced with the potential benefits of an ITAM system, it’s time to show them where their investment will go towards.

When you can show the detailed breakdown of not only the costs, but the potential gains to your business when you adopt an ITAM system, it will put the investment into perspective for your leadership team.

In addition, show your leaders exactly where their money is going towards. Include the customer support that you’ll get with your ITAM vendor – including the integration and deployment process, any customer support and future upgrading opportunities.

At TalariaX, our solutions are designed to scale up together with your business. This not only helps you to save cost, but it also ensures that there is longevity to your ITAM system when you partner with us.

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