Enterprise Messaging Broadcast

Maximise ROI With Broadcast Messaging

An average user spends more time on his smartphone or mobile than on a desktop.

SMS remains a popular and universal means to send messages to reach maximum consumers. The high engagement and open-read rate of SMS have led to businesses making SMS as an integral part of their marketing strategy to reach users. Even within the organisation, SMS is the most efficient way of sending emergency alerts to employees.

We have deployed our solutions across various industries globally churning out millions of marketing campaigns & internal broadcasts efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our range of products has in-built SMS broadcast feature catered specifically for your organization’s needs. Two-way interactive messaging used for broadcasting, announcements and marketing messages, can reach your audience and encourage interactive transactions for better ROI. It also augments the business workflow thereby saving time and optimizing

sendQuick Entera

  • Build-in Address Book & Shift (roster) management
  • Monitor with PING, Port & URL check for system downtime alerts


sendQuick Enterprise

  • Web-based messaging system for unlimited users and application license…
  • Easy integration to backend applications (API) Easy integration using …


sendQuick ASP

  • 2-way messaging (Long Code, Short Code and Modem Hosting)
  • Web broadcast and API (HTTP / SMTP and other languages available upon …

sendQuick Automated Call Tree

  • Allow configuration to meet different businesses’ structural needs
  • Unlimited users and administrators to grant different levels of access…



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