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NetSupport Notify is designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored or saved for later.

Scaling to the largest of organizations with multiple sites, it provides a choice of priorities, customizations, delivery options and reporting. With its low cost and ease of use, it’s no wonder there are over two million users worldwide.


In today’s challenging working environments, organisations are fast realising the benefits of mass notification technology.

As a solution specifically designed to deliver one-way alerts and notifications to desktop users that cannot be skipped, ignored or saved for later, NetSupport Notify scales to the largest of organisations with multiple sites and provides real-time status of notifications and acknowledgements − as well as delivering pre-scheduled alerts.

Simple to implement and use, NetSupport Notify is the perfect choice for messaging and alerting across a LAN or WAN network. Its dedicated local notification gateways allow seamless message delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. A true mass notification system with fast and reliable alerts, NetSupport Notify’s alerts can carry varying priorities, customisations and delivery options.

Key features include:

  • Multi-platform support
  • Send “full screen” messages
  • Mobile Console for Android and iOS
  • Send targeted alerts to selected groups
  • Send alerts to unlimited number of users
  • Customise alerts with your branding
  • Includes alert sounds
  • Flexible delivery options and scheduling
  • Full reporting and tracking


What are the benefits of NetSupport Notify?

Save precious time

NetSupport Notify delivers messages that can’t be skipped or ignored to all or selected staff and/or students in a single action (across multiple platforms and sites) – saving precious time. Routine alerts such as fire drills can also be pre-scheduled. It’s a quick and easy solution to use, especially as it doesn’t require regular management of contacts.

Reliable communication

NetSupport Notify provides a welcome backup for existing technology failures (such as e-mail) and provides streamlined communication enabling staff and/or students to immediately see updates sent through the system – instantly improving communication in your organisation.

Boost security

Great for supporting emergency and lockdown procedures due to its ability to send clear and concise messages to all/selected connected computers. You can also send audible alerts with your NetSupport Notify messages to ensure attention is gained. Plus, you can also create and use ready-made “emergency response” alerts activated by a hotkey combination for use in time-critical situations.




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