Data Operations for Edge and Remote Office

Simplify management and control the cost of file services at the edge with cloud storage gateways instead of file servers.

Edge-to-Core File Services

File-based data, often generated by users and applications, accounts for more than 80% of capacity demand in a typical IT infrastructure. Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere lets you retain visibility and control over data at the edge, while simplifying and controlling the cost of file services.

Simplify Data Management

Data from remote offices, and the edge, syncs to the data center where it is tracked, protected, managed, and governed.

Protect and Recover Data

Learn how to recover data using Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere.

Develop New Tools

Design a customizable user interface – and APIs – that integrate existing applications, or develop your own workflows.

Work Nondisruptively

Learn how cloud storage gateways can help to modernize file services.

Solution Architecture

Data Operations for Edge and Remote Office

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