Darktrace Immune System

As cyber-attacks grow in scale and sophistication, governments and organizations are struggling to adequately protect their digital assets. Traditional cybersecurity sits at the perimeter, uses hallmarks of past attacks, and fails to catch the novel and sophisticated threats that inevitably get inside.

A similar challenge is played out within our own bodies every day. While the skin is a protective barrier, bacteria and other pathogens can and do evade its defense. These threats are a fact of life, but we can rely on our immune system to tackle them as they emerge. Evolved over millions of years, our immune system has the unique ability to understand ‘self’ — it knows what is part of ‘us’ and what is not — allowing it to rapidly detect and contain emerging threats, even those our bodies have never encountered before.

The Darktrace Immune System represents a new approach to cyber defense inspired by those same principles. It is the first technology that is capable of learning ‘self’ across the digital business — from email and cloud services to industrial systems and the corporate network — and identifying what is truly dangerous or malicious in real-time.

Having a comprehensive, unified cybersecurity platform across the entire digital business has never been more important. Something as simple as a compromised password can result in an attack against multiple facilities at once. Being able to see this in real-time — wherever the initial compromise happened — is essential for meaningful incident management.

The Darktrace Immune System allows security teams to move away from a multitude of siloed point solutions that offer limited visibility, towards a single AI ‘brain’ that benefits from enterprise-wide context and leaves attackers with nowhere to hide.

While the Enterprise Immune System detects emerging threats in real-time, Cyber AI Analyst immediately launches automatic investigations into security incidents, and Darktrace Antigena generates an Autonomous Response to contain the threat in seconds – all without relying on any rules or signatures.


“Darktrace’s Immune System is key to defense in today’s world of escalating cyber threat.”

Darren Bisbey, Head of ICT Infrastructure and Cyber Security, Royal Air Forces Association

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Source: https://www.darktrace.com/en/darktrace-immune-system/