Connected Security in the 5G and IoT Era

Meet your IoT security needs


Deliver advanced cybersecurity that helps your customers prepare for, withstand, and rapidly recover from increasingly complex cyber threats.


Secure your seamless connected environment, whether your customers are working with an industrial operation system, office IT environment, or from home.


Partner with an industry leader with more than 30 years of cybersecurity experience and advanced technology solutions that leverage the benefits of AI, automation, and 5G and IoT.


Our 5G and IoT security solutions for


5G Campus Network

As a data-centric private network, 5G is expected to bring dramatic changes to IT and completely new management assets for enterprises with IoT.

Trend Micro delivers the visibility, detection, and response capabilities you need to successfully integrate and operate your customers’ 5G campus network.

Industry 4.0

Seamless connectivity of IT, operational technology (OT), and communications technology (CT) is the future of the manufacturing industry, making the security and reliability of this connected environment a critical requirement.

Trend Micro gives you the comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure for the IT/OT/CT network and enterprise IT/OT/IoT assets.

Connected Consumer

Connectivity has changed the way we work and play dramatically. In today’s connected world, a new level of cybersecurity is required to protect sensitive consumer data.

With our comprehensive cybersecurity platform, telecom operators can confidently protect consumers in the 5G and IoT era.

Connected Car

As more and more vehicles are connected and becoming information communication hubs, automotive cybersecurity is critical.

Our solutions give you comprehensive protection against cyberattacks from vehicle to network to back end and support for Vehicle Security Operation Center.


Securing edge computing environments


Edge computing enables critical applications, such as facial recognition, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and high-speed automated optical inspection (AOI) system in manufacturing industries.

It also brings network architecture changes and new challenges. Cyber threats are on the rise due to the interconnection of IT, CT, and even OT networks. The CISOs need a solution that fits seamlessly into edge computing platforms while securing a variety of networks and endpoint devices.

Based on ETSI NFV framework, the Trend Micro Mobile Network Security (MNS) provides flexible, reliable high-performance security for MEC platforms. With MNS IT/InfoSec staff can secure the private mobile network and mobile IoT endpoint devices without the hassle of multiple communication technologies (CT).


Security fueled by leading threat research

We are actively researching how threat actors could exploit IoT, Industrial IoT, and OT and how we can protect these environments. Research areas include vulnerabilities in robotic manufacturing equipment, cybersecurity risks of connected cars, medical devices used in healthcare facilities, and hijacking of drone communication protocols. We also focus on consumer devices, such as kitchen appliances, smart TVs, and more.






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