Connected Consumer Security for Service Providers

Securing the new reality of digital life

Connected consumers work, communicate, and play remotely, exchanging more and more private data online. With this increased connectivity and the growth of consumer IoT, the impact and number of cyberattacks are on the rise, making privacy issues a major concern and advanced cybersecurity more critical than ever.

  • Ensure your customers’ peace of mind against cyber threats
  • Protect consumers’ new digital lives – anywhere they connect
  • Secure working from home

  • Accelerate the growth of your cybersecurity services
  • Take advantage of new business opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction gain and cybersecurity expertise

Our solutions for connected consumers

Trend Micro Consumer Connect

A comprehensive security suite designed to enable telco service providers protect customers’ entire digital lives


Trend Micro Home Network Security SDK

A security service that protects consumers against network intrusions and web threats

Trend Micro Virtual Network Function Suite

Helps telecom operators offer value-added virtual cybersecurity services to protect their mobile and IoT customers from cyberattacks





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