CloudGuard for Serverless Security

Full lifecycle security for serverless applications,. CloudGuard Cloud Native Security provides vulnerability assessment, high fidelity posture management and workload protection of your serverless functions – from development through runtime, across your cloud environment.


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Continuously scans functions- providing observability, and continuous assessment

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Automatic least privilege protection for functions, logs, and

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Build security posture capabilities into CI/CD to detect and remediate risks



Automated Serverless Security

CloudGuard’s breakthrough code-centric platform, automates security & visibility for cloud native serverless applications from development to runtime, enabling organizations to securely innovate at cloud speed. By analyzing the serverless application code before and after deployment, organizations can achieve a continuous serverless security posture–automating application hardening, minimizing the attack surface, and simplifying governance. Utilizing machine-based analysis and deep learning algorithms, CloudGuard builds a model of normal application and function behavior to detect and block application-layer attacks for enhanced serverless security.


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Why CloudGuard for Serverless Security


  • Greater Serverless Observability: Continuously scan your serverless functions, to increase security posture, providing clear observability of the application and continuous assessment.
  • Least Privilege Protection at Scale: Maximize serverless application security through automatic least privilege protection for functions, logs, and databases.
  • Comprehensive Guardrails throughout CI/CD: Define the level of risk and “shift-left” by building your serverless security posture into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Continuous Compliance with Custom Rules and Exceptions: Comply with internal mandates and compliance regulations through customized rules and exceptions for serverless applications.
  • Seamless Application Threat Prevention: Zero-touch serverless application security using pattern matching, allowlisting, blocklisting, and more applied at the function level for threat prevention.
  • Dynamic Self-Protection: Function Self-Protection (FSP) in real-time to continuously evaluate and adapt the security protection and micro-segmentation around each resource.





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