Cloud threat intelligence, Machine Learning and behavior analytics applied to network traffic to detect advanced attacks early and enable effective threat response​

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) detects advanced attacks in real-time, provides threat context and triggers autonomous incident response. NTSA uses a combination of machine learning and behavior analytics with insights from Bitdefender cloud threat intelligence – consisting of 500 million sensors globally – to detect threats for all entities, managed or unmanaged, for encrypted or un-encrypted network traffic.​

NTSA is a plug-and-play, out-of-band solution, with flexible deployment options, that focuses on traffic meta-data and enables analysis over longer periods of time to accurately detect the most sophisticated malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) with high fidelity. The integration with Bitdefender GravityZone enables autonomous response to quickly remediate security incidents.

Integrates cloud threat intelligence, machine learning and behavior analytics to detect all advanced threats
  • Provides complete threat related network activity for any device on the network.
Protects your privacy and personal data at the network level
  • Automates threat response by integrating with GravityZone to reduce the response time.​

Intuitive security management
  • Gives detailed security incident explanation with suggested course of action for fast incident investigation and response.​

Features and benefits

Advanced Threat Detection

Live analysis of all network traffic, including encrypted​
High fidelity alerts using AI/ML & insights from 500 Million sensors​

Complete Visibility and Context​

Detailed attacker Tactics Techniques & Procedures (TTP)
Alerts and incidents investigations expedited with automated triage​





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