App-level Orchestration Across Teams and Clouds

With demands on IT rising faster than ever, Calm enables you to streamline how you manage applications and support ands on IT rising faster than ever, Calm enables you to streamline how you manage applications and support the business.

Capabilities & Benefits


Self-Service Provisioning

Calm opens new self service possibilities. Blueprints can be published directly to end users through the Nutanix Marketplace – a central location for one-click deployments. Utilize pre-integrated blueprints from Nutanix and our partners to simplify the set-up of popular applications.

In addition, any custom blueprint can be published to the Marketplace, enabling IT to offer other groups one-click, self-service provisioning of any application.

Application Lifecycle Management

Provision, configure, scale, upgrade and delete applications across cloud environments, including Nutanix-powered private clouds and public clouds. Begin with automation of common lifecycle activities, gradually grow into multi-step processes and eventually design complex blueprints that span multiple environments and teams. Calm also provides role-based governance and audit for actions and users.

Hybrid-Cloud Orchestration

With Calm, you’re ready to automate the provisioning of hybrid cloud architectures, managing both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments, from a single control plane. Calm supports all the major public clouds—AWS, Azure, and GCP—in addition to on-prem private clouds powered by AHV or ESXi. Calm also supports most popular distributions of containers and Kubernetes for application deployment, including Karbon, Nutanix’s Kubernetes management solution.

Consumption Monitoring and Forecasting

By assigning costs to resources within a blueprint, organizations get a consolidated view of resource consumption and costs. When applied to multiple environments, Calm provides a simple way to understand the overall utilization and true cost of public cloud consumption.

How It Works

With Calm, applications are defined via simple blueprints that can be easily created using industry standard skills and control all aspects of the application’s lifecycle, such as provisioning, scaling, and cleanup. These blueprints can be created through the UI or via code with a Python-based DSL, including seamless conversion. Once created, a blueprint can be easily published to end users through the Nutanix Marketplace, instantly transforming a complex provisioning ticket into a simple one-click request.




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