ADManager Plus

Purpose-built for Microsoft ecosystems

An Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution that allows IT administrators and technicians to manage AD objects easily and generate instant reports at the click of a button!

ADManager Plus Features

Active Directory Management

Active Directory Management

Simplify Active Directory management by effecting bulk creation and modification of accounts, delegation and rep.

AD Bulk User Management

Using CSV files, modify user attributes in bulk, reset passwords and move users and user objects in bulk.

Active Directory Bulk User creation

Create & deploy users in bulk with all attributes including exchange mailbox & terminal services & assign them to groups using CSV import.

Active Directory Bulk User modification

Reset passwords, unlock users, move users, delete/enable/disable users, add to and remove from groups and modify attributes including exchange and terminal services in bulk.

Inactive/Disabled User Account Management

Clean up your AD by generating a list of inactive or disabled accounts and easily delete, enable or move them.

Active Directory Password Management

Reset multiple user accounts passwords, configure password settings and enable/disable users whose passwords expire.

Mobile Active Directory User Management

Reset passwords, enable, disable, unlock and delete user accounts from your mobile iOS or Android device.

Active Directory Computer Management

Create computers, enable, disable and move computers in bulk and change their general attributes and group memberships in bulk.

MS Office 365 Management and Reporting

Manage and generate reports on users & groups in your Office 365 setup and Active Directory from a single console using ADManager Plus.


Active Directory Reports

Active Directory Reports

Generate, schedule and export over 150 complete and comprehensive pre-installed reports on your Active Directory infrastructure.

Active Directory User Reports

Comprehensive reporting on AD users like inactive users, locked out users, real last logon of users and disabled users reports.

Active Directory Logon Reports

Generate reports on user logon activity including detailed reports on logon time, logon hours and other user logon attributes.

Active Directory Password Reports

Detailed reporting on password status, security permissions, password expiry, invalid logon attempts and password changes.

Active Directory Users’ Real Last Logon Report

Get to know the true last logon time of users in specific OUs, groups or the entire AD, along with other relevant details such as account status, account creation time, etc. using this report.

Active Directory Computer Reports

Generate complete reports on computer objects, domain controllers, workstations, computer account status and OS based reports.

Active Directory Group Reports

Complete reporting on all types and scopes of security and distribution groups including nested group membership report and distribution lists and its members report.

MS Office 365 Reports

Pre-defined O365 user-specific reports: all users & inactive users, license based reports: licensed / unlicensed users, license details, and group-based reports: distribution lists, security groups, etc.

G Suite reports

Fetch important details about your G Suite environment with ADManager Plus’ predefined G Suite reports on all users, inactive users, and suspended users.


AD Delegation/Workflow

Active Directory Help Desk Management

This feature reduces the AD administrator’s workload by delegating powers for specific tasks to the help desk and HR personnel.

Active Directory Help Desk Delegation

Delegate administrative tasks to non administrative users through an established workflow for completely secure delegation.

Active Directory Security Delegation

Perform role based security delegation and access control using the security roles that are created thus minimizing error.

OU Based Delegation

Equip a user in an OU with administrative rights so that they can perform specific tasks within the scope of the assigned OU making it secure.

Non-Invasive Help Desk Delegation

ADManager Plus follows a non-invasive help desk delegation model to securely delegate AD administrative rights to help desk and HR.

Active Directory Workflow

Workflow (Introduction)

The workflow management, Active Directory ticketing and compliance system follows a defined execution path which can be customized.

Workflow As AD Ticketing Software

Cover AD ticketing with important aspects like requests specific to AD, secure and transparent processing, and accountability.

Workflow As IT Compliance Software

Workflow works as a compliance management system to adhere to regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and USA PATRIOT.

Active Directory Automation

Automate Active Directory tasks using the review-approval workflow, template controlled user provisioning and user account management.


MS Exchange Management

Exchange Server Management

Manage Microsoft Exchange Server and AD from a single console with runtime mailbox provisioning, deprovisioning and delegation.

Mailbox Creation in Microsoft Exchange Servers

Simplify provisioning by bulk mailbox creation and multi-mode operation for Exchange Server ?2003 and 2007/2010/2013 versions and Office 365 from a single console.

Set Mailbox Rights in Microsoft Exchange Servers

Using a single click, set mailbox rights in bulk using templates and manage Exchange Servers 2003 and 2007/2010/2013 from a single console.

Disable/Delete Exchange Mailbox In Microsoft Exchange

Disable and delete bulk mailboxes while simultaneously deprovisioning user accounts, all from a single console in just a click.

Distribution List Reports

Extract complete data on distribution lists with reports such as distribution groups, distribution list members and non-distribution list members reports.

Exchange Server Mailbox Migration

Migrate bulk mailboxes to the required Exchange Server in just a few clicks along with the convenience of delegation of migration tasks.

Microsoft Exchange Policy Management

Apply multiple Exchange policies like sharing policy, role assignment policy, retention policy, UM policy and ActiveSync policy at one go.

Shared Mailbox Management

Create and modify shared mailboxes in on-premises Exchange Server, as well as, cloud-based Office 365.

Dynamic Distribution Group Creation

Create dynamic distribution group and configure all its attributes at once, in all Exchange versions.

Remote Mailbox Creation

Configure remote mailboxes in Exchange while creating new AD accounts for users, individually, as well as, in bulk.

Room and Equipment Mailbox Management

Create new resource mailboxes in Exchange & Office 365, modify resource mailboxes in Exchange.




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