Accessories by Telekonnectors


From simple headset connecting cables to amplifier cables or trainer cables we have any accessory you may need.

Accessories - TLK SK Cable - SK2 copy.jpg

Accessories - TLK SK Cable - SK7 copy.jpg

Accessories - TLK SK Cable - SK3 copy.JPG

TLK SK Cables

Accessories - TLK STE Cable copy.jpg


Accessories - TLK PC Sound Cable copy.jpg

TLK PC Sound Card Cable

Accessories - TLK Recording Playback Adaptor copy.jpg

TLK Recording/Playback Cable

Accessories - TLK Y-Trainer Cable copy.jpg

TLK Y-Trainer Cable


Leather cushions & foam cushions provide comfortable wearing and microphone cushions provide high quality voice by suppressing ambient and breathing sounds.

Accessories - Spares - Leather Ear cushions copy.JPG

Leather Cushion

Accessories - Spares - Mic Boom cushion copy.jpg

Mic Boom Cushion

Accessories - Spares - Foam Ear Cushions copy.jpg

Foam Cushion






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